Permission Slip


Walking Field Trip Release: On occasion, we will take walking trips to uptown areas like the library, the park, art galleries, other Generations facilities etc. Please sign the general consent form below for your child to participate in these trips. If you would not like them to participate, please indicate that as well and we will have a staff member stay with them in the classroom.

______________________________ has my permission to walk with the staff of On the Move to other locations in the Uptown area of Westerville during this school year. Staff will give notice of field trips at least one class day prior to the trips and if weather is not permissible, the trip will be postponed.

Parent Signature ______________________________ Date _________

Photo Release: We will on occasion take pictures in the classroom to be used for brochures, advertisements, etc. Sign below to give us permission to use your child’s photo for these purposes.                              Parent Signature _____________________________  Date _________