What is On The Move?

  • A movement based program to help students learn in a way that is different from most learning environments.
  • Every session will incorporate movement into the lessons. Whether it is painting while standing, creating letters with your body or just participating in physical activities, students will be moving while they are learning.
  • On The Move is a program that takes into account the various learning styles of children and creates opportunities for every child to grow.

Activities Include: 

  • Physical Activity: Each class will include participation in various physical activities.
  • Music: Songs to enrich the experience.
  • Letters: Students will learn to recognize and write their letters.
  • Circle Time: children learn to express themselves!

Our Mission…

  • To create an environment for learning that is geared to create a love of learning.
  • To encourage learning through movement and art.
  • To build a community of children who can learn and thrive in school as well as all kinds of activities.
  • To provide a safe and loving classroom based on Christian principles.